!Shadegan the unhappy happiness

SHADEGAN” which is derived from the word Shad (happy) means happiness, delight.

It has been nearly two decades since Shadegan, Iran’s biggest wetland, was listed in Montreux record. The record is aimed at giving the states heads-up for if they do not take timely and effficient action, not only will they lose the areas listed in the Ramsar international convention, but they also will truely confirm the fact that an internationally important wetland is an extravagance they cannot afford and do not deserve. Haplessly, however, the rulers of Pardisan building (Iran’s environment conservation organization), resting assured of their chairs, have never bowed to such conventions and threats.

 I need to mention that the wetland with its area of almost 538000 hectares, covers a little more than one third of water areas of Iran which have been internationally recognized and included in the Ramsar convention; representing an area of around 538000 hectares. Even though it occupies not much more than 0.3% of the country, it is the natural habitat of 30% of the all bird population (154 species), 25 % of all mammal population (40 species), and 45% of all fish population (36 species of wetland fish plus 45 species of sea fish). In addition, almost 30 major societies of plants consisting of 110 species (5.1% of Iran’s plants population), 3 species of amphibians, and 9 species of reptiles; and finally 4 different types of shrimps, all on the verge of nonexistence, are amongst habitants cohabiting in this matchless habitat. With the prospect of 100000 locals, living within the immediate vicinity of the wetland, who will possibly lose their only source of livelihood for which they have no alternative, the extent and depth of the disaster becomes even more alarming.

Yet the questions are: what have we done important as both fact n giving effect so as to control the situation? Have we been able to control the constant oil spill from old worn out pipes into the area? Have we been able to preserve the wetland’s water right? Have we thwarted illegal hunting? Have we prevented the sewage from sugar cane, Steel and petrochemical industries from entering the wetland? Have we relocated the residential areas inside the wetland elsewhere? Have we built the infrastructure required to create an affluent eco-tourism? Have we issued sufficient permits or given enough freedom of action to environment conservation NGOs? Have we given a single thought to the existence of 30 petrochemical units and their subsequent pollution in the area? Have we…?

Do we need to review the answers to all these questions? Do I really need to tell you that the water entering the wetland has decreased by nearly 30% and that the quality of the remaining water is in fact so poor that it is virtually impossible to find a living thing? Las year, I (author) had the chance of riding over the lake by boat twice and two hours each time, only to find to my great regret,  not even one single living creature could be seen slithering amongst the water to promise a brighter future. By the same token, the studies on the sweet water part of Shadegan conducted by Southern of Iran Aquaculture Research Center in 1995, 2008 and 2010 show significant decline in the quality and quantity indexes confirming the extent of the critical situation; the studies also suggest that in comparison with privious years, the biomass production is reduced by 4.5 times.

It is even more saddening, when we learn owing to opening of Omidieh Refinery, the wetland is losing another 6583000 cubic meter of its annual water right which is with no doubt a good reason to give the authorities in charge of Iran’s environment conservation organization a standing ovation for their outstanding determination to preserve our motherland’s ecological capacity!!! One thing is clear, Shadegan will no longer be “happy” and Iran will continue to be the record holder for the number of wetlands listed in Montreux! And surprisingly enough, we are all still living a healthy and prosperous life, aren’t we?!



  1. Very good while the English version of the site have been established… But the story of Iranian Wetlands; Iran's wetlands with thousands of small and large environmental problems they grapple !

    Poaching, inappropriate management of water resources and a mug of water to the natural laws of our country has caused the deaths of many ecosystems.

    However, the crisis of domestic and industrial wastewater entering the wetlands of the major environmental challenges Iran!
    As you know, We are talking about environmental problems in Iran, especially wetlands and we have written many articles bring… But the important point here;
    Iran is a little late today whether to save the environment?
    I still hope, how are you?

  2. Farhad Salamatbakhsh

    Dear mohsen, Mohammad and I are trully grateful for your concern; however, though as you mentioned it is a little late, we still believe the battle is not over till we have the oppotunity of saving one last tree in our mother land

  3. شقایق

    Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words.
    Gratitude is shown in acts
    Thanks Dear MR. Salamatbakhsh for this new page

  4. Stag

    Dear Mr Daevish
    In the last years of ninteen century In the age of Princ Zel Asoltan Goverment had a map to dreanege some marh of Khuzistan and made big rice fild.

    In Iraq in 1870 Ottoman Goverment(Pasha ) of Bafgdad draenaged a big marsh near Najaf for Agriculture and speciality rice.

    Now Iraqian goverment want reastore(rewilding)Marsh in south of Iraq but Turkey congestion Tigris and Ephorate .

    I kiss cheek of Dear Mr Farrokh Khan ,He is realy sun of Zagros mountain.

  5. dear farhad,We shall never be disappointed because every day we strive to raise awareness of society and the hope of tomorrow.
    Environmental activists in Iran should be aware of the world's environmental news and activities of their foreign counterparts to share their.
    Thank you very much for starting this movement.

  6. thank you Mr.mohhamad @Mr. Farhad for starting this page .

  7. Farhad Salamatbakhsh

    Dear Shaghaiegh, thank you very much for your beautiful qoute from, if I’m right, Henri-Frederic Amiel. Indeed, I am the one who should offer all his gratitute for your sharing of positive energy

  8. Farhad Salamatbakhsh

    Dear Mehrdad, Mohsen and stag, thank you all for your comments

  9. Yasser

    Dear Mehrdad, Mohsen, Farshad and stag,
    thank you all for your comments

  10. شهناز موسویان

    It’s been nearly two decades since the Iran’s largest wetland (Shadegan) was listed in Montreux record, a list provided to give the governments heads-up for if they are hesitant, not only will they lose the areas listed in Ramsar international convention, but also they will trully confirm the fact that the wetlands which possess international importance are extravagances they cannot afford and do not deserve.

    Very nice, well done

    Though my immediate reaction is
    I see this one Loooong sentence opens the whole speech and I feel automatically like wanting to change it /make it shorter
    so that it would be easier to follow + to capture
    reader's interest better and at once
    I'll get back 2 U soon

  11. God bless you. We need world knowing who our green heroes are and what they are struggling with.

  12. Stag

    Dear Dr Ferri,
    Tou can read a good program about Phesant in your orchard in North of Iran

  13. Stag

    Pardon me Dr Ferri
    You can preaper an exelant report about phesant in your orchad in Mazandaran.

  14. میم . پ

    Good Evening Mr Farhad Salamatbakhsh,

    This morning I was so excited about the good news and had to drive to work,
    that I forgot to give thanks to you and not only Mr Darvish. This wasn't nice and please believe me, I am no unpolite person.
    Please accept my apologies. So thanks again for everything.

  15. Farhad Salamatbakhsh

    Dear Stag, I will surly talk about Pheasants in our farm in due course, because they're part of our motherland's ecosystem and I am personally very proud of cohabiting with them

  16. Farhad Salamatbakhsh

    ِDear M.P, you're very welcome. thank you for your warm and hearty support


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